Hey Graduates – Before You Leave For College, Take Care of Your Teeth!

With the turn of the calendar to June we are square in the heart of “Graduation Season”… there seem to have been multiple ceremonies taking place all over South Florida every weekend for the past couple weeks now.

As our graduates make the pilgrimage to Bed, Bath & Beyond and to their doctors offices for various vaccinations, we want to remind you to make one other stop before your grad heads off to his or her new home away from home: the Dentist!

Now is not only the time to take care of the routine cleanings, x-rays and exams but its just as important to get those fillings done, wisdom teeth extracted and minor tooth / gum / jaw pain looked at.

Think about it… its either a trip now to the friendly confines of Krimsky Dental to see Dr K and his awesome staff or an adventure later as you and your student are scrambling to find a reputable dentist on or around campus.

Make the easy choice.  Give us a call at 954-584-6842 or CLICK HERE to schedule an appointment.

We wish all of your recent grads the best of luck as they head off to college, or wherever they may be headed this fall!  Hope to see you soon!

– Dr. K